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bernardo bernardo

Honest review from LATAM

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I do not want to be very long in what I have to say ... since I do not speak much English.

  • Post-purchase service 10 / 10.-

Regarding the attention from Phantom, always excellent, helping in everything for the installation process and explaining in detail everything.

  • Maintenance 10/10.

Update of the hack, it is true that I paid for 1 month, and in this month there were two major updates that broke the hack.- However phantom patch immediately and everything went perfect


  • THE HACK 10/10

The functioning of the hack, as it is configured is very good helps a lot and is undetectable, increases up to 50/60% your skills.- The tiggerbot for my taste should come with 0 delay, it is very good to "count pixels" with awp.-



I write this with a bitter tone in my mouth, because probably once I finish my time with the hack it will be months until I can buy it again

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