xPhantom v1.3

Purchase - xPhantom Undetected Cs Go Private Hack - Legit Aimbot + Triggerbot

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    1 Month Access xPhantom v1.3 with Full features / Aimbot + TriggerBot.

       xPhantom v1.3

    xPhantom is a legit Aimbot + TriggerBot for Counter Strike: Global Offensive that has never been detected.

    Because of its legit features the aimbot is not noticeable to the human eye so if you ever get reported enough for Overwatch the people watching your replay would not be able to tell that you are cheating.

    In fact you could stream on twitch or upload videos to youtube while playing Cs Go with xPhantom and no one would notice you are cheating.

    If you plan on legit, long-term cheating then xPhantom is the perfect solution for you.

    After buying you can contact me for full discord support on how to install and customize the cheat at ATU_Motake#6557 in case you can't follow the instructions inside.

    Aimbot Features

    All weapon can be customized individually.

    Recoil Control System - You can now spray your enemies down with ease.

    Customize the Field Of View

     Modify the smoothness of the aimbot ( how realistic it appears )

    Modify bones ( what body part the aimbot will aim at )

    Select Hotkey

    TriggerBot Features

    Customize the reaction time

    Select amount of bullets

    Select the Hitbox/Bones

    Choose hotkey


    Cheat secure on VAC, MM, SMAC.

    External Cheat.

    New Builds and Updates every few days