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    I can agree, I’ve yet to find a cheat that gets past those clients. One more thing, you mentioned that this is made to be legit. Does this mean that the aimbot fov and triggerbot reaction time are limited to specific values or completely customizable?
  2. Packages

    Awesome, well then I’ll probably subscribe within the week... Oh and does this go undected on faceit?
  3. Packages

    That’s cool You wouldn’t happen to have any videos of the cheat in action besides that short one I saw on the site earlier would ya?
  4. Packages

    Understandable. Also, does this cheat have visuals? I haven’t seen anything about them. And is there any way this cheat would be usable on ESEA?
  5. Packages

    I'm interested but are there any packages that are less than one year? I'd like to try something smaller before going that deep, thank you.