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  1. Review for XPhantom Cheat

    Vouch for XPhantom and his cheats! It's really easy to just open a file and click on "OK" Then you're set to go just open up CS:GO and play! Only dissapointment on my side is that there is no UI to configurate the cheats but that's really good for streamers because then you'll be able to TAB out and you'll see no weird application it's running hidden in the background nor will you see anything In-Game either just regular CS:GO. The Trigger bot is godless with the AWP/When waiting for the enemies to peak.. BOOM headshot. I recommend that you have your crosshair abit away from the wall/door so it doesn't look to suspicious. The Aimbot is really nice it makes it own patterns and if you're close enough with the aim it'll move to the enemy but it doesn't look suspicious at all as it moves closer after every bullet and it's not locking on the enemy instantly like most of the other cheats. You'll probably get accused of smurfing (I got accused of hacking but I played against Silvers there are not so good at aiming so there was no problem really with/without cheats) If you're going auto snipers or heavy weapons you should turn down the field view a bit because otherwise It'll look really suspicious. The only people who where accusing me for cheating was the other team but I just told them I was a smurf and then it was all Okay! The normal configurations is very good configurated so you don't really have to change anything really by yourself if you just want to play legit. If I had to rate the cheat I'd give it a 9/10 because there is no UI but as I said before it's really good for those who are streaming.