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  1. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Just to close here, xPhantom helped me out and was really friendly and professional. [ My answer is kinda delayed]
  2. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Hello and Good afternoon to you , Hope and trust my thread finds you in good health. I bought the hack in the morning and still i have no answer. It is kind of frustrating, so would you be so kind to post a thread about how this purchase works before somebody buys ? Cause i really wanted to start using the product today.No offense what so ever but in your guide you just state that you reply within a few hours. I believe that you receive my feedback in a positive aspect and i still cant wait to use your marvelous product. Sincerely, rLx
  3. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Hello, I attach a screenshot just to be precise, there is my HWID as well. Thank you.
  4. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Would it be possible to have a follow up ? This is really irritating after having payed for a lifetime service and having 0 response in more than 24hours period.