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  1. Aimbot update

    Yeah vacnet might become annoying towards the future, some functions like this, just in case, probably wouldn't hurt
  2. question

    I'd like that too good idea
  3. xphantom settings

    So in other words, I have been 10x better with AWP by the placebo effect of thinking i was using aimbot for it lmfao. I feel like my next game I'm gonna be shit
  4. Esea

    Jesus complete access to your PC? If that's true that's just insane. Facebook's wet dream come true
  5. Esea

    Could you go intro more detail?
  6. Esea

    I'm wondering why this works on MM but not on faceit, esea or anything. Is there anyone that could explain me why this is? Feel free to go technical, I'm a programmer myself, just not in this kind of field
  7. Esea

    Nothing is visible on screen