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  1. help

    Dont worry, he wont reply, he never replies.
  2. No aim assist

    Hey! since i got my lifetime licence i cant use my aimassist, im using the default settings and the new licence. i have trigger but no aimassist. what can i do?
  3. Aim is going up

    I've used the default and 1 game worked fine for me, the rest off the games its the same with the sprays
  4. Aim is going up

    How do I change to default settings?
  5. Aim is going up

    Hey! I've been using xPhantom for a month now and it's very good! But when I start to spray on the enemies my crosshair goes over them all the time now, on every weapon. Can this be fixed in settings? Ty for the answer!
  6. Re-dowload?

    Hey! I've been using this and no doubt it's good! I recently bought the 1 month sub, and I have a question. If I buy the lifetime do I have to download everthing once againor does it come in automatically?