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  1. license key

    i feel u on this man its been a month almost 2 now and he still hasent fixed mine.,... no reply on discord or gmail too..
  2. Life time membership

    Phantom I added you on discord and message you, I also sent an email on Gmail. Still no reply?
  3. Life time membership

    Phantom i added you on discord like 3 days ago and still no accept i also sent u an email on ur gmail
  4. Life time membership

    I added you xPhantom
  5. Life time membership

    Phantom, I had a life time membership, and today I played again after probably 2 months, and it says "Sorry this software cannot be run without a license key. I am using the same PC everything.
  6. -scaleform not working anymroe

    +1 following, I have the same problem, and like what they said ^^ when will it be updated to the new UI compatibility?