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  1. Aimbot update

    Its always improving, its a "deep learning system". It will only improve overtime so its always good to stay one step ahead.
  2. Aimbot update

    Possible up date to the aimbot that could be useful to players that want the most safety would be a curving aimbot. VacNet now can detect when a aim lock happens when there is no curving or offset to the enemy player. (like a regular player would have some curves in their aim, it wont be a perfect straight line to the enemy head, body etc.) Even tho you can get sent to overwatch for VacNet detecting a straight lock it could look legit enough that it wouldn't cause you to get banned by the Overwatch reviewers But, it would be a nice feature to have and added peace of mind and protection. This video shows how a small offset would create a curve for the aim to appear more legit. Thanks - Proxy
  3. Security and humanizer

    Added you
  4. Security and humanizer

    Can I PM you phantom? I have a few questions (discord, Skype, etc...)
  5. Security and humanizer

    On the features of each cheat the lifetime and the regular sub. it says lifetime members get a completely unique build of the cheat I was hoping that was true that way lifetime members are completely protected from vac.
  6. Security and humanizer

    Not trying to spam just posting it on the right page I couldn't delete the last post, couldn't get any help on the other post
  7. Security and humanizer

    In what way is the cheat protected from anti cheats (VAC, VACnet, smac, etc..) In terms of the Protection ring, kernel being the best how well is the cheat protected from VAC, VacNet etc... for monthly and lifetime subs? What extra protection do life time subs get (Private build,Different signature)? Humanizer - Is the aimbot actually humanized by code or just a smooth aim bot? Does the cheat have rcs delay- after how many shots before Rcs engages (useful for tapping with out the cheat thinking u are trying to spray a enemy) Thanks for the support - Proxy