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  1. Seems good

    So, everything seems fine so far, I will make a review later, but I got a question. After an csgo update, is it safe to use the software?
  2. Need a piece of advice

    Hello. I did not buy this cheat yet, but I am interested in it. I had experience with other cheats, like cvision( I do not want to advertise their cheat) and they got busted by VAC, and even now they say they are undetected... Fkin c*nts... What I need, is some honest reviews from the community, and if someone could send me a video of legit settings for this cheat, that would convince me to buy it. If you think you can send me a video with legit settings, pls send it to my email address, or if you know other way ok. Ps, email address: i.bosst555.david@gmail.com