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  1. Awesome Cheat, Great Support !

    I've bought the lifetime version of the cheat a few weeks ago just before panorama update. Owner was kind enough to keep me in the loop as to when he was going to update the cheat and he eventually did and everything is now working fine. The cheat itself is only a soft ( depending on how you set it ) aimbot and triggerbot. IT has no wallhacks but that's fine since it's meant to look legit. I must warn you it also has no in-game menu or visuals which I thought was quite strange in the beginning but now I feel like it's just how it's supposed to be. In order to modify settings for different weapons or even change keybinds you need to modify some values in a .txt document which is actually easier than I thought it would be. I'd give the aimbot an 9/10 and the triggerbot an 8/10, there are slight hiccups which I hope will be solved in future updates but overall I'm pleased with the product !