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  1. Question

    Okay, thanks a lot for taking your time to answer my questions. Looking forwards to become a customer here, will come back as soon as I have my desktop build running 100%.
  2. Question

    So yes, regular buyers are more likely to be banned if a wave occurs? Best regards
  3. Question

    Fantastic! You can expect my membership around the middle of this month. I just have one more question, in your thread Lifetime Private Builds, you are stating the following: "...I'll add an extra layer of security for your long term use of the cheat." Will this mean, that if a minor VAC wave occurs, then the monthly subscribers are more likely to be hit than the people who bought a lifetime license?
  4. Question

    Hello, I'm considering buying this, as I after many years of cheating, then had a minor break through college, which I finished this summer. I'm now back and ready again, sadly to see that EnhancedAim has shut down. My questions are; Will you limit the amount of people allowed to purchase? Like max 50 slots to keep detections at its lowest? Is this configurated by an ingame menu or through a desktop config file? Is this cheat external or internal? Best regards