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  1. xPhantom review

    I am quite new to xPhantom and have been screwing around with it for a little more than a week now and I have to say it works marvelous. Was kinda skeptical at first since there are a lot of copy pasted private cheats out there for very cheap which is obviously too good to be true. But after searching around a bit and reading the testimonial here I decided to bite the bullet and try xPhantom out and quite the good decision it was! I'll make a list with things I noticed with this cheat: Easy customizability with the settings text (POV, smoothness. body parts etc) Just wait for the beep and your good to go, nothing more Very inconspicuous cheat, so far I had a single dude notice something was "odd" or simply fake to quote him, but it was casual so it doesn't really matter Aimbot sometimes does a little weird with multiple enemies from medium to long range but kinda emulates confusion that way I guess, triggerbot is advised in those cases Sometimes spray tracks a bit through the wall after an enemy walks behind it so you might wanna be a little careful with that (could be a on or off option for it maybe?) So far no VAC, but as long as you keep playing legit I don't think it will happen anytime soon as the cheat is personalized Overall very solid cheat, maybe sometimes like a customizable percentage of spray errors would be nice to be added like 10 to 20% would be nice so it looks even more legit. For legit play this cheat is the way to go IMO especially for the price, highly recommended!