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    Hello, first time, i'm not english, so, sorry for my bad english. I tried a lot of hacks, and no doubt, xPhantom is the BEST, for legit hack: I'm global without hacks, my aim power is set to 1, so, the most legit, and even with low settings, this hack is powerful. I always finish my games with 35 / 40 kills, and I never get OW, I think the only way to get OW is to use the trigger too obviously, the aimbot is really strong and not obvious at all (depending of your settings ofc) The only negative point for the aimbot, is that sometime, it's aim down, exemple, on D2, in CT side, when I'm mid, if I spam right clic with the USP on a terrorist top mid, my crosshair goes down, it's the only negative point. The trigger, nothing to say, very effective. All is easy to use, xPhantom is very reactive and friendly, the price is very cheap for a hack like that. I'm so confident that i'm using this hack on my main account, with 4k hours (with around 1000 hours with xPhantom) For me, this hack deserve 19/20 Thanks for your job xPhantom !