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  1. Private Valorant Hack

    Hi All, With the departure of Errahs, I figured some of you may have moved on to Valorant so I thought I would post a private cheat that I have been using and helped create with a small but talented group of devs and sys admins. If anyone is interested you can take look here or join our discord if you have any questions
  2. Is this still undeteced in mm?

    It's still undetected but out of date at the moment. Will be updated once I purchase it off the owner. There is no ETA on this though, sadly.
  3. Need help with license (Edited)

    Been using this for years and you're full of shit. He's always responded to me on discord in a timely manner. If there is a delay try have some patience. Don't slander a good product because you're an impatient twat.
  4. Long time member

    My testimonial is there but as a long term user just wanted to say the cheat is still excellent and the support is absolutely amazing.
  5. Nearly a year later

    Not really good at writing reviews but I can honestly vouch for this cheat, absolutely incredible human-like aim bot with the right settings. It melds together with my play style perfectly and gives me a great competitive edge. The one thing I would like to see functionality wise is smoke detection so the aim-bot "Switches off" when firing through smoke. In terms of security, I have been using this near daily for close to a year and never had an issue, I get the occasional call out saying I'm a cheater but you will get that regardless. Never had a problem with VAC or OW. 10/10
  6. Questions on Undetected

    Will there be Client sided functionality for xphantom in the foreseeable future? Other vendors claim to have this. (Although I am skeptical) Just curious as to how it would work.
  7. Questions on Undetected

    As far as I know there is no way to bypass client sided AC's as of yet, however, it is possible to bypass server sided AC's such as faceIT server-side AC. Not sure if it's supported currently by xphantom though.
  8. -scaleform not working anymroe

    Thanks bro.
  9. -scaleform not working anymroe

    can confirm the cheat still works with the -legacyscaleformui
  10. -scaleform not working anymroe

    Yup, looks like they are enforcing the switch over now... EDIT: You are right, you can still use -legacyscaleformui I think the cheat is still working for me but I can't be sure as my aim is usually pretty good anyway. Valve has posted this though: "– Legacy Scaleform UI can be used for a very limited time with “-legacyscaleformui” launch option." Which suggests this is only going to be working for a small window of time. Is there an ETA when the cheat will be compatible with panorama?