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  1. My official discord Info

    Ay, mate - I added you on discord! Sc1r0#____ I hid the numbers to avoid getting random friend requests
  2. Review after 3 days of use

    Hello, again. It's been a while since I've been around, but here I am once again. Been looking forward to smash & dash through the ranks Thanks again for the cheese!
  3. Review after 3 days of use

    I'm thrown you a message on skype with suggestions Thanks for providing such cheat!
  4. Review after 3 days of use

    Hello, future & already existing customers of xPhantom! This is my honest review of the CSGO cheat xPhantom. First of all, the legit bot is amazing - it takes some time to get it just right and to match your playstyle. However, when firstly configured just right - you become tremendously better; in such matter, that it does not seem unlegit. Rating & comment: Legit Aimbot: 9/10 The only thing I'm personally missing in this amazing cheat, is customizable RCS values. Spraying with the RCS does pull it down as supposed to, but it has no control over where the bullets go on the X-Axis, atleast not on my screen. But other than that, this cheat is by far the most legit cheat I've ever tried. Triggerbot: 10/10 Works flawlessly. Nothing to point out here. Security: 11/10 Since this cheat is not among the most popular ones on the market, it keeps the chance of bans at a fairly low ratio. Also, Mr. X is very into the security of his customers. He takes security to a brand new level to secure the users of xPhantom. ****KEEP IN MIND THAT BLATANTLY CHEATING CAN AND NEVER WILL BE MR. X'S FAULT. He cannot protect you against OW bans if you play blatantly.*** Keep up the good work, and perhaps implement custom RCS values in the future. Kind regards, LE70TLE