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  1. -scaleform not working anymroe

    I second the method above. After giving CSGO a break for a night, I was able to finally get it working this morning. Thanks for the information update! Looking forward to the Panoramic update
  2. -scaleform not working anymroe

    After a reddit post was made, I was made aware of a new launch option that returns the old UI back to normal: "-legacyscaleformui"... Unfortunately, this new launch option doesn't allow the cheat to become functional again. will continue to update when i figure it out...
  3. -scaleform not working anymroe

    So i launch CS after a small 25mb update and see that Panorama was launched. OKay fine no big deal but when I go into the game launch options, the "-scaleform" is still in there. i take it off, launch the game again, close, and put the "-scaleform" in again and it still launches the Panoramic View. can I get a hot update to fix this issue? Thanks!
  4. Re-buying xPhantom

    hello! I really enjoyed and got my fair use out of my 3-months of use. My question is: If I re-buy the rights to use, do I have to wait for my HWID to register again and do I send it to the same email as before? Thanks and GLHF
  5. Just bought and E-mail sent!

    hello! I just bought and was wondering when the cheat would be available for me to download. i already sent my email with the HWID so I'll be patient for a couple hours