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  1. How does the discord server work?

    That offends me very much how could you write such things on the internet and well done for making the discord a better place.
  2. How does the discord server work?

    I dont know if i can mess with a python, scary looking fuckers they are. Thanks for the help and everything still offends me.
  3. I can't figure it out and why dont we have a screenshot section seems very racist to me, it also offends me that the discord sever doesn't work and that there is no screenshot section. Thanks.
  4. Best cheat ever.

    Design/usability: 10/10 Easy to use and start up. Just some programs that are basic as taking a shit. Aimbot: 8/10 This is a decent aimbot, it gets shit done. Can be improved massively. Trigger: 10/10 One of the best ones i have ever used. Support: 9/10 Has forum and Skype support, cant be better. Forum: 9/10 Very good looking and easy to use. One this can be improved is the private side of the forum, a sub section where bugs can be reported and features can be suggested. Overall: 8/10 This cheat has a lot of potential, gonna be a really good thing to see where this goes.
  5. Some questions

    Hello, i am considering buying this cheat, but i have some questions: Whats the difference between lifetime and monthly builds, because you say the monthly subs gets a different build yet you say that for lifetime as well. So what do you mean by this? Lifetime builds do they get special features, so if a lifetime sub says can you add "Hentai porn 6000, self wanking android aimbot spread bypass 2987" would you add it or would they need to slip a couple of that mad dollar bills? What security measures do you have on this cheat? How much is a lifetime build? Do you need to close down steam to load the cheat or can steam be running? What are the requirements for the cheat so do i need 600 usbs or to be named garry? Thanks, dont know what for, but yeah thanks for what ever i gotta thank you for.