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  1. Nearly a year later

    Great to have a review from such a long term user. Thank you for your kind words! As far as the smoke thing the aimbot has visibility check but i'll look into it because it might need a recode.
  2. Cheat stopped working after new update? 10/09/2018

    Yes the cheat was broken by the update but it's now fixed. You can redownload and it will work.
  3. Questions on Undetected

    I'll announce it on the forum if I'll add more anti cheat bypasses but right now I don't cover anything else.
  4. Questions on Undetected

    Client side Faceit is not supported. You can play on faceit without the client ( if they let you ) but as soon as they require that you only play with their client ( which they will at some point ) then you can no longer use xphantom.
  5. No aim assist

    redownload cheat, there was an update
  6. New update 4/10/2018

    UPDATE DONE, you have to redownload the cheat 1042018.exe
  7. New update 4/10/2018

    Alright I'm going to check it out. I'll update in like 30 minutes.
  8. Banned by VAC....

    Yeah No one except him got banned so the cheat is safe, I have no idea what he did but it's definitely not because of xphantom that he got banned.
  9. Aim is going up

    Have you modified anything in the settings? try using the default ones again. Also try playing the same weapons with and/or without skins on them to see if there's a difference. Recoil Control System is by default on... it sounds like yours is off but no idea why. Also if those didn't fix it try to redownload cheat.
  10. Good-to-know

    You can change anything in settings.txt while you're in-game. If it doesn't let you change then just save the file to your desktop and copy>overwrite it back under C:/. To close down the cheat while the game is still running ( because it auto closes when you exit cs go ) you can simply alt+ctrl+delete and in task manager go to windows processes and end task something called "Visual Basic Command Line".
  11. face it

    xPhantom does NOT WORK with faceit, their anti cheat is very strong and invasive. Private cheats that support faceit client are very expensive and I'm not selling any.
  12. Re-dowload?

    if you buy lifetime you just need to send me your HWID again so I can make you a new license that doesn't expire
  13. Lifetime sub

    not a valid discord
  14. Banned by VAC....

    No one else reported of getting VAC banned yet, if no one else gets banned then this is only you and you must of done something other than just use xphantom. Question: Did you use another cheat on another account or are you banned on any other accounts? Did you use same phone number for your second account that got banned? It can be any number of things why you got banned, for now we shall just wait and see if anyone else complains. UPDATE: I just finished a full competitive game using xphantom, game was tight lasted long nothing happend so far but going to keep you updated.
  15. Review after few months

    Thank you so much !!! Glad you enjoyed xphantom, your english is great btw. I used to play with power 6 for a few months because I'm a scrub and still didn't get overwatched or anything , have fun and I WILL update the cheat and it will become even better in time.
  16. Alexeion's Cheat Review

    Awesome review, I really appreciate it! I'll take your words into consideration and try to improve the cheat in the updates to come. I know it still needs work to get where it needs to be.
  17. Any one no how to fix this

    yeah it's some weird bug I'll have to fix ... I don't know what's causing it yet
  18. -scaleform not working anymroe

    Cheat is now updated for panorama, this method is no longer needed, just play normally.
  19. -scaleform not working anymroe

    it does, video proof here AND BTW GUYS IN ABOUT 4 DAYS I'LL HAVE PANORAMA READY UPDATE WITH NEW GUN AND SOME TWEAKS, until then please use this method. IF CHEAT still won't work with legacyscale i'll give you a free week to those who bought 1 month and to those who have lifetime I'm sorry for the inconvenience. NEW EDIT: CHEAT STILL WORKS just tried it with -legacyscaleformui ... i see no reason why it wouldn't work for you
  20. Lifetime build?

    The monthly is not unique to each user but i upload new builds regularly. Lifetime is 35 euros, I don't really use skype anymore or I rarely do. You should add me on discord at beastlyb#6978.
  21. Seems good

    its safe in the sense that you won't get banned, but some updates break the aimbot and I need to update the cheat before you can continue playing
  22. Need a piece of advice

    You have plenty of testimonials from people under testimonials section but sure if anyone wants to send him videos they are more than welcome too.
  23. xPhantom review

    Glad to have you with us, I'm glad you're enjoying the cheat and thank you for your honest review. I'll be sure to fix some of the minor glitches it has in future updates.
  24. Loving xPhantom. Exactly as described. Question, though

    Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying the cheat. As for ESP that would take away from the legit aspect so if anything I'll be releasing that as a separate cheat/feature for those who want. I'll let you know when that's done ( free of cost ).
  25. Lifetime Private Build

    Answered all your questions on skype, thanks for showing interest and also happy to have you onboard.