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  1. cant see buy cheat?

    yeah my bad I closed the sales for a while, they're back on now but only selling lifetimes to people who really want them... from the website you'll only be able to buy the 30 days version
  2. My official discord

    If you need to contact me directly add me on discord at Puliver#6557
  3. My official discord

  4. Streamer Testimonial

    Appreciate the positive comments buddy. I've actually done the same thing had friends over to my house and played cs go with the cheat on without them realizing even though they knew I was a cheat provider. It can be very stealthy if you use it with low power/fov settings. Hope to have you around indefinitely and good luck with your stream!
  5. Other payment method

    you can just add me on my discord ATU_Motake#6557 and we can do it manually
  6. How often

    Updates are done mostly if the aimbot/triggerbot breaks from a cs go update. Aimbot is very legit on low FOV, spectators won't notice anything weird. I only sell legit hack so yes, you can safely purchase it.
  7. Honest review from LATAM UPDATE30-1-19

    Thanks for the lovely review. If your cheat expires let me know and I'll throw in a few weeks free for the new year!
  8. question

    yes i'll it next update
  9. xphantom settings

    triggerbot shoots whenever your crosshair hovers over an enemy... in the case of AWP i suggest you don't move when using triggerbot otherwise it will surely miss This means it's best if you use the triggerbot on the awp while waiting from someone to peak out from somewhere..
  10. xphantom settings

    the awp doesn't have aimbot, use triggerbot for it aka hold the scroll mouse button by default
  11. Esea

    you will not find esea cheats for this price lol ... in fact I doubt you will find even with $1000 to spend
  12. Still fine after Danger zone update?

    wait for me to update the cheat, i'll announce it EDIT: Cheat works but not in BR ... yet
  13. All I can say is strong.

    I love seeing that, thanks !
  14. Security and humanizer

    yeah my disc is beastlyb#6978
  15. Please Update cheat

    Cheat updated. Sorry for being so unlucky paupath ... I'll award you some free days when your cheat expires. EDIT: Just redownload it from the forum and it will work.
  16. Security and humanizer

    Let's just say I'm not using ring 0 ... there's no point for VAC, you can do it but it's not necessary. Lifetime is not getting separate build as we speak because it just takes too long to separately deal with each customer and have separate builds for them. I used to do that but I was selling the lifetime for 89 euro at that time. I often upload new builds on the forum so not everyone will have the same build. Member count is still pretty small, this website doesn't get much traffic so that also adds to its safety. Just smooth aimbot but with low FOV it's not snappy so it doesn't look like a bot is adjusting your aim. I gave it the term humanized so that people understand this is not a blatant cheat. You might feel the pull of the aimbot but anyone spectating won't be able to notice it ( unless you raise the aim power [ fov ] too high ). The RCS is delayed so you can tap yes but that will still activate the aimbot as in the second shot will be adjusted but not the first. The rcs is very mild btw, won't make a huge difference but it will help you out a bit. Sorry for the late response but I have been a bit busy and didn't check the forum much.
  17. I have joined this community

    Yep sent
  18. Nearly a year later

    Great to have a review from such a long term user. Thank you for your kind words! As far as the smoke thing the aimbot has visibility check but i'll look into it because it might need a recode.
  19. Questions on Undetected

    I'll announce it on the forum if I'll add more anti cheat bypasses but right now I don't cover anything else.
  20. Questions on Undetected

    Client side Faceit is not supported. You can play on faceit without the client ( if they let you ) but as soon as they require that you only play with their client ( which they will at some point ) then you can no longer use xphantom.
  21. No aim assist

    redownload cheat, there was an update
  22. New update 4/10/2018

    UPDATE DONE, you have to redownload the cheat 1042018.exe
  23. New update 4/10/2018

    Alright I'm going to check it out. I'll update in like 30 minutes.
  24. Aim is going up

    Have you modified anything in the settings? try using the default ones again. Also try playing the same weapons with and/or without skins on them to see if there's a difference. Recoil Control System is by default on... it sounds like yours is off but no idea why. Also if those didn't fix it try to redownload cheat.
  25. Good-to-know

    You can change anything in settings.txt while you're in-game. If it doesn't let you change then just save the file to your desktop and copy>overwrite it back under C:/. To close down the cheat while the game is still running ( because it auto closes when you exit cs go ) you can simply alt+ctrl+delete and in task manager go to windows processes and end task something called "Visual Basic Command Line".