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  1. -scaleform not working anymroe

    it does, video proof here AND BTW GUYS IN ABOUT 4 DAYS I'LL HAVE PANORAMA READY UPDATE WITH NEW GUN AND SOME TWEAKS, until then please use this method. IF CHEAT still won't work with legacyscale i'll give you a free week to those who bought 1 month and to those who have lifetime I'm sorry for the inconvenience. NEW EDIT: CHEAT STILL WORKS just tried it with -legacyscaleformui ... i see no reason why it wouldn't work for you
  2. Lifetime build?

    The monthly is not unique to each user but i upload new builds regularly. Lifetime is 35 euros, I don't really use skype anymore or I rarely do. You should add me on discord at beastlyb#6978.
  3. Seems good

    its safe in the sense that you won't get banned, but some updates break the aimbot and I need to update the cheat before you can continue playing
  4. Need a piece of advice

    You have plenty of testimonials from people under testimonials section but sure if anyone wants to send him videos they are more than welcome too.
  5. xPhantom review

    Glad to have you with us, I'm glad you're enjoying the cheat and thank you for your honest review. I'll be sure to fix some of the minor glitches it has in future updates.
  6. Loving xPhantom. Exactly as described. Question, though

    Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying the cheat. As for ESP that would take away from the legit aspect so if anything I'll be releasing that as a separate cheat/feature for those who want. I'll let you know when that's done ( free of cost ).
  7. Lifetime Private Build

    Answered all your questions on skype, thanks for showing interest and also happy to have you onboard.
  8. Review after 3 days of use

    Glad to have you onboard, I'm very thankful for your postiive review and I'm glad ur enjoying the cheat so far, if u ever need any help or have any suggestions don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun owning!
  9. just bought the cheat and email sent

    Hello, glad to have you on board sir. I sent you the license on email.
  10. Honest in-depth review

    Wow, I'm actually really impressed by this review, very in-depth. I really appreciate it. People who read this will know exactly what to expect now, I couldn't of explained it better myself. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I also need to fix those little things you mentioned to make it better in the coming updates. I also owe you a month of lan version cheat which I've completely forgotten due to well, it doesn't matter there are no excuses see you on skype soon, I'll try to finish it asap.
  11. Re-buying xPhantom

    Glad to hear it man ! Yes you proceed the same way as when you first purchased, you send me the HWID after you buy and then I send you the license key.
  12. Information

    Well, everyone is able to use it because I help them out until they can. It's not injected because it's external ... all you need to do is start the cheat.exe while in-game.
  13. LAN Mode

    I see, I can make you something completely private for that but you'll have to contact me on skype and i'll let you know when it would be ready. It's haywirel33t
  14. going to a big lan with my own PC.

    yeah with low fov they won't notice even if they're standing right next to you the problem is I didn't secure the cheat for EAC yet ... I'm planning on it, i'll announce when it is
  15. Internet Cafe

    Do you have skype or if not I'll add you on my steam account so we can talk more details. PM me with either so I can contact you.
  16. Internet Cafe

    You can use it for internet caffes if I unlock the cheat so it doesn't have to bind to a certain PC. This raises a problem, you could share it with your friends for free and they could share it further and eventually the cheat would be used by many people, this poses more problems with security, people trying to reverse engineer it and so on. What I could do is change the cheat up quite a bit so it's significantly different from what I'm normally selling ( in terms of signature ) but same in features so if it gets leaked it will not affect me or other people who bought at all. This would still require a promise from you that you would not share it with anyone else and delete it from internet caffe pc after you've used it. But mostly it would require a lot of work on my part so I'm less inclined to do it unless the price is right. Otherwise I can change HWID a few times for you so you can use it on multiple computers ...
  17. my honest review

    Thanks for the review ! Glad to have you with us ... I generally keep the cheat without a Grahphical User Interface because many people prefer it that way ... makes it less likely that you'll ever reveal the fact that you're using cheats... solid streaming proof cheat. Of course I might add it as an option for people who really want to in the future. Standalone RCS is doable for those who request it, first I hear of it. For now its integrated into the aimbot ...
  18. Few questions

    I'm actually using this cheat on my main, been doing so way before I started selling it, I think it has been close to a year since and I've had no problems. I change sig often ... chances of you getting banned are very slim. But just to be on the safe side never cheat with expensive skins.
  19. Just bought and E-mail sent!

    Yes, I sent you the license key, you already downloaded the cheat. Let me know how everything worked out !
  20. Few questions

    Yes to your first question. No to your second, all settings are saved in a .txt file from which the cheats reads. It's very simple to use.
  21. Few questions

    Hello, the limit is in regards to active users so even though more than 50 bought some have expired and a few are not using it atm so I have an estimate of about 30 active right now. It doesn't really say anywhere I just close the sales if it reaches that point, at least for now. I've been selling the cheat since september 2017. Like I said active players about 30 I don't know about sound esp or any other features for now, maybe in the future.
  22. Flawless

    Thank you for the great review !
  23. This is awesome!

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback, I'm glad you're enjoying my work... keeps me motivated to improve !
  24. AntiCheat Support

    Hello ! Faceit server side means you can play on faceit if it allows you to play without downloading their client. ( They allow this if your account hasn't been reported much + some other factors ) Once they force you to play via downloading their client their anti-cheat is able to detect any sort of cheating and ban you regardless. There are very few providers ( that you won't find easily and maybe not at all because they are very private ) that are asking hundreds and some even thousands of dollars for a faceit client hack. As for my cheat you could pay with steam gift codes I suppose, any form of payment can be arranged. PM here with your skype or discord so we can manually arrange your account upgrade on the forum if you decide to pay via anything other than paypal. ( which is automatic ).
  25. Pay for cheat with skins??

    I suppose so, I don't make a habbit out of it but yeah we can work it out. PM me with your steam profile or skype.