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    Hey guys, just looking to provide some clarity for anyone looking to purchase. I started off buying the monthly membership and i found that the cheat is very discreet and effective. With just a tad customization and the right toggle button this cheat is extremely hard to detect. I've been using Xphantom for around 4 months most of which has been live-streamed. As long as you dont rage hack and make it obvious its a very effective tool. I've had to wipe my computer several times after purchasing lifetime ( Not because of Xphantom ) but everytime support is fast in sending me a new HWID license to get me up and going again. Hell ive even had friends over watching me play and they dont even realize im using an assist and they're literally watching me!! So yes, i highly recommend Xphantom. Support is good and the cheat is great!
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    Possible up date to the aimbot that could be useful to players that want the most safety would be a curving aimbot. VacNet now can detect when a aim lock happens when there is no curving or offset to the enemy player. (like a regular player would have some curves in their aim, it wont be a perfect straight line to the enemy head, body etc.) Even tho you can get sent to overwatch for VacNet detecting a straight lock it could look legit enough that it wouldn't cause you to get banned by the Overwatch reviewers But, it would be a nice feature to have and added peace of mind and protection. This video shows how a small offset would create a curve for the aim to appear more legit. Thanks - Proxy
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    hey dude, u need download the hack from here http://xphantom.com/forum/download.php pass danger , after that u need to follow the steps in the pdf file on the zip that u download. sry my english isnt good.-
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    This is my honest in-depth review of xPhantom after using it for about 2 months. This is one of the simplest and the most beautiful legit hack I have used for quite a long time. It's one of the most convenient cheat to use if you wish to stream or record as the hack does not come with any GUI nor any shady client tab (#Clara). Now that you have got a basic idea what this hack is about, let's dissect and see what this cheat has to offer. Aimbot: Smooth as baby's bottom. Out of many cheats I have used, the crosshair tends to flick or slightly jumps on to the target regardless of smooth settings. Those are just small things that can give away the fact that you are cheating. However, with xPhantom the aimbot is one of the smoothest I have seen. It feels like it's almost identical to the aim of pros, how they smoothly flick on to the enemy. The recoil control is integrated into the aimbot and the spray looks very legit. The recoil looks very humanized and it's almost impossible to tell if you are cheating even on 128 tick server. To see how legit it is, I used this cheat in front of my friends who are also hackers but I told them I wasn't going to cheat for few matches. They doubted me and vigorously spectated me and looked for any small mistakes that could potentially give away the fact that I am cheating. After few matches they really couldn't believe that I was playing soo without any sign of aimbot. This just shows how legit this hack is because even hackers themselves couldn't tell if they I was hacking or not. On the down side, M4A4 recoil control seems to lackluster because time to time when I spray with M4A4, it doesn't quite connect the shot or sometimes not all and the I can't over ride (control over) the recoil since it's fully automated unless u pull ur crosshair away with force. Unfortunately, the hack doesn't come with AWP aimbot (pls add :v) On the positive side, AK-47 has an impressive recoil control and a super smooth aimbot. Out of many hacks I have used, xPhantom AK-47 aimbot is the best by far without a question. AK-47 aimbot looks all too similar to pros aim and it really starts to make you think and doubt about the legitimacy of the pro scene. One thing that is really unique about xPhantom is that it has a very good spray transfer. Many legit cheats I have used can't spray control smoothly and would often flick fast or, most of the time, wouldn't spray transfer at all. However with xPhantom, it will smoothly transfer your spray on to the enemy that is relatively close to your first enemy. This can become very helpful in some situation where u need to spray down multiple players at once, such as when the enemies are rushing towards u and u to spray them down smoothly all at once. xPhantom has the smoothest aimbot I have ever seen and it makes other cheat look like they have Parkinson. Triggerbot: Obviously like any other hacks, you can set the time requirement for the enemy to pass your crosshair before it can shoot. This feature is mainly used for AWP and it is useful if u have a good crosshair placement and hold a good angle. However, if you are player who flicks a lot with the AWP, then I don't recommend you using this feature. Security: It's one of the finest private hack you will see in the market. With limited users + good coding, it should remain undetected for a long time. After talking with the owner, over the course of two months, I could tell that he takes the security of the cheat very seriously and he always aims to continuously improve the cheat regardless how safe it is. Miscellaneous: As mentioned above, this cheat does not come with any in-game GUI nor any client tab on the window page. This will be helpful if you accidentally tab out or toggle the GUI like dumb bitch Clara while in stream. All the modifications can be done on the setting file.
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    Rofl, you'll have to take that up with Python, he's in charge of that ... I understand why that might be scary for a hamster tho ... these darn pythons.
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    Okay, will do that. Thanks man, sorry for being rude.
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    Hey everyone! As some of you may have noticed, earlier on Saturday night into Sunday morning, the website/forum was unavailable for a short period of time. This is because we were going through a transitional period of switching the website to a new owner, Errahs! I am very excited to be taking this project on and will be very active in the development, release, and upkeep of the cheat so everyone can have fun showing off their newfound "skills" in CS:GO. I hope you all bare with me in the process as it will take a smidge of time to get used to everything around here but I am dedicated, hardworking and determined to make everything as smooth as possible. Some changes and More to come later: Obviously, the store already looks a bit different; I added a 7-day trial to be used once by any member of the community if they wanted to give the cheat a trial run before diving in headfirst into the world that xPhantom can provide them. to go along with that, there are a few changes to the pricings of the monthly subscription models. This is so you can save money by buying xPhantom "in bulk". If you look closely, the 1-Year subscription will save you ~$20 from buying 30 Days access over and over again each month. This is a small thank you for being an awesome community and supporting xPhantom through the years. Thank you all for your patience!
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    Is this cheat purchaseable with skins??
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    In terms of anti-cheat protection, how well are you covered? (SMAC/VAC/EAC etc) Looking to potentially get a lifetime build that I'd be able to use at small local LANs and maybe faceit/esea
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    I do not want to be very long in what I have to say ... since I do not speak much English. Post-purchase service 10 / 10.- Regarding the attention from Phantom, always excellent, helping in everything for the installation process and explaining in detail everything. Maintenance 10/10. Update of the hack, it is true that I paid for 1 month, and in this month there were two major updates that broke the hack.- However phantom patch immediately and everything went perfect THE HACK 10/10 The functioning of the hack, as it is configured is very good helps a lot and is undetectable, increases up to 50/60% your skills.- The tiggerbot for my taste should come with 0 delay, it is very good to "count pixels" with awp.- I write this with a bitter tone in my mouth, because probably once I finish my time with the hack it will be months until I can buy it again AFTER 30 DAYS PLAYING . UNRANKED TO SHERIF.- NEVER CALL ME CHEATER. NEVER HAVE ONE EPIC FAIL. 100% LEGIT CHEAT.
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    Not really good at writing reviews but I can honestly vouch for this cheat, absolutely incredible human-like aim bot with the right settings. It melds together with my play style perfectly and gives me a great competitive edge. The one thing I would like to see functionality wise is smoke detection so the aim-bot "Switches off" when firing through smoke. In terms of security, I have been using this near daily for close to a year and never had an issue, I get the occasional call out saying I'm a cheater but you will get that regardless. Never had a problem with VAC or OW. 10/10
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    My testimonial is there but as a long term user just wanted to say the cheat is still excellent and the support is absolutely amazing.
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    I love seeing that, thanks !
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    Hello My English is very bad. That is why I have to talk about pictures for me.
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    I bought the trick before yesterday and I could barely use it between waiting for the license and now the update
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    On the features of each cheat the lifetime and the regular sub. it says lifetime members get a completely unique build of the cheat I was hoping that was true that way lifetime members are completely protected from vac.
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    Hack need a update for the new csgo patch.
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    awesome <3 xphantom
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    Hello. I did not buy this cheat yet, but I am interested in it. I had experience with other cheats, like cvision( I do not want to advertise their cheat) and they got busted by VAC, and even now they say they are undetected... Fkin c*nts... What I need, is some honest reviews from the community, and if someone could send me a video of legit settings for this cheat, that would convince me to buy it. If you think you can send me a video with legit settings, pls send it to my email address, or if you know other way ok. Ps, email address: i.bosst555.david@gmail.com
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    1- Best Support From Mr.X 2- Most Legitest Cheat Without any VAC Bans. 3- Friendly Community. 4- Easy To Use.
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    Cheat is now updated for panorama, this method is no longer needed, just play normally.
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    -legacyscaleformui does not work...
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    Yup, looks like they are enforcing the switch over now... EDIT: You are right, you can still use -legacyscaleformui I think the cheat is still working for me but I can't be sure as my aim is usually pretty good anyway. Valve has posted this though: "– Legacy Scaleform UI can be used for a very limited time with “-legacyscaleformui” launch option." Which suggests this is only going to be working for a small window of time. Is there an ETA when the cheat will be compatible with panorama?
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    Hi there, I am just wondering how much a lifetime unique build would cost. If its too expensive ill stick to the monthly plan but I'd also like to know if the cheat bought in the monthly plan is unique to each user. I have also contacted you on skype my skype is live:stinto112 Thanks
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    You have plenty of testimonials from people under testimonials section but sure if anyone wants to send him videos they are more than welcome too.
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    Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying the cheat. As for ESP that would take away from the legit aspect so if anything I'll be releasing that as a separate cheat/feature for those who want. I'll let you know when that's done ( free of cost ).
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    Hi, I am just new here and want to try these cheat because for very massive positive review. I already emailed the HWID Thank you!
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    Wow, I'm actually really impressed by this review, very in-depth. I really appreciate it. People who read this will know exactly what to expect now, I couldn't of explained it better myself. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I also need to fix those little things you mentioned to make it better in the coming updates. I also owe you a month of lan version cheat which I've completely forgotten due to well, it doesn't matter there are no excuses see you on skype soon, I'll try to finish it asap.
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    Hello everyone, I was intrigued by your private hack and I have kept my eyes on this website for quite awhile and so far it seems you have a good reputation. However, I am wondering if it is possible to use this hack at internet cafe (I won't always be using the same PC) and at my home. I am MORE than happy to pay extra if you could make it into something that I can use it for internet cafe and at home. Thank you for taking your time to read this, I am looking forward to your response
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    Thank you very much for the fast prompt reply. I fully understand that this is a major problem when it comes to down removing HWID bindings. However, I am looking for a cheat that has a good security and has a very low chance getting detected and therefore price doesn't concern me very much in regards to this case. Please feel free to give me the pricing that you feel comfortable with. Thank you.
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    The starting method is very easy and anyone can do it This hack is very simple and very legal They entertain us The low probability of detection is attractive It is cool if there is GUI and standaloneRecoilControlSystem if possible 9/10
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    I want to thank you for the cheat, no game crashes no lag, smoothy aimbot and triggerbot, nice config and admin. I find the price on the low side for this. am very happy with it. continue with this good work... I can finnaly shoot back! <levelup> Thanks xPhantom <levelup>
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    Awesome review, I really appreciate it and I'm thankful for your support.
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    I can verify that the cheats from monthly and lifetime do in fact differ from each other in certain aspects I won't go into too much detail but you definitely are less likely to be hit with a VAC wave from this cheat than others. Although with that in mind you still could get OW banned due to illegitimate configurations. The configs are highly customize-able as well which I am glad to see from an external cheat that runs smooth as an internal cheat. Over all as a quick summary of the cheat it works smooth, loads quickly, and over all well configurable. This cheat allows for bypasses on multiple AC and is always be worked on by it's developer. Over all I give this cheat a 10/10 On being highly undetectable 8/10 On having highly customize-able per weapon configurations 8/10 On legit cheating side of things I'd rate this an 8/10 for features as I only really need trigger and aim.
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    First of all I don't claim to offer a better cheat than these guys. However, I do offer cheaper prices and I focus on having a safe and very Legit looking cheat for competitive MM more than anything else. I don't give out trials anymore because then everybody will start asking for one and it's just a big headache.
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    so id like to ask for like a 1 day trial. i used xstrike from lordtristan for like 9 months now great cheat just cant use paypal anymore wich makes it dificult. i have iwebz rn (because it was on sale) and i dont like it honeslty. i tried aimjunkies, was going to try LC but they just got detected and jimster is a prick so id just like to try the aimbot before i buy. i will be buying life time if i like it
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    I can't figure it out and why dont we have a screenshot section seems very racist to me, it also offends me that the discord sever doesn't work and that there is no screenshot section. Thanks.
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    You should make one mane
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    All u need is 2 offsets, gobjects and gnames (and processevent). The ue has a rebust system for handling game objects, cause of uscript they save em in a array, finding those 2 u can generate an sdk, and regarding battleye there is enough public information about it, imo and from experience best way handling be is using a driver. U can add me on discord/Skype I can teach u or we can discuss about selling my priv8 heck.
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    I don't think xphantom is capable of creating a hack for fornite, no offense but the game uses battleye and runs on unreal engine
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    Hi! i saw this on HF anyway straight to the questions. 1. Can this be used on LAN? or any temporary whitelist options like LC? In my Country there are numerous small LAN tournaments, i can play legit just fine but i think i need more "help". I purchased lifetime from LGTX because their lifetime offers the hwid unlocked option so i can use it anywhere, but it doesn't really feel secure at all no more. Also purchased from LC, but you need to be HWID-whitelisted and i recently read that they got detected. 2. Can i put it in the OS drive? or do i have to make partitions or have any flashdrives? thanks in advance
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    Design/usability: 10/10 Easy to use and start up. Just some programs that are basic as taking a shit. Aimbot: 8/10 This is a decent aimbot, it gets shit done. Can be improved massively. Trigger: 10/10 One of the best ones i have ever used. Support: 9/10 Has forum and Skype support, cant be better. Forum: 9/10 Very good looking and easy to use. One this can be improved is the private side of the forum, a sub section where bugs can be reported and features can be suggested. Overall: 8/10 This cheat has a lot of potential, gonna be a really good thing to see where this goes.
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    they added an anti-cheat now, would love an aimbot for it
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    Hello, I'm considering buying this, as I after many years of cheating, then had a minor break through college, which I finished this summer. I'm now back and ready again, sadly to see that EnhancedAim has shut down. My questions are; Will you limit the amount of people allowed to purchase? Like max 50 slots to keep detections at its lowest? Is this configurated by an ingame menu or through a desktop config file? Is this cheat external or internal? Best regards
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    The owner was very helpful from the start and I had no issues with getting the cheat working. I am still working on the weapons settings but it's a pretty smooth and legit looking aim, I already ranked up in the 2 days I've been using the cheat. I'd say my favorite part is the triggerbot combined with awp, I set the reaction time to what I consider a really good player would have and it works wonders. I def recommend the cheat..
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    Hey ! I've been using the cheat for a few days now and I love it. I'm play comp at nova 2 and owning people. Aim works well, I play with default settings and it's nothing crazy but gives me enough advantage. Worth the money imo
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    Vouch for XPhantom and his cheats! It's really easy to just open a file and click on "OK" Then you're set to go just open up CS:GO and play! Only dissapointment on my side is that there is no UI to configurate the cheats but that's really good for streamers because then you'll be able to TAB out and you'll see no weird application it's running hidden in the background nor will you see anything In-Game either just regular CS:GO. The Trigger bot is godless with the AWP/When waiting for the enemies to peak.. BOOM headshot. I recommend that you have your crosshair abit away from the wall/door so it doesn't look to suspicious. The Aimbot is really nice it makes it own patterns and if you're close enough with the aim it'll move to the enemy but it doesn't look suspicious at all as it moves closer after every bullet and it's not locking on the enemy instantly like most of the other cheats. You'll probably get accused of smurfing (I got accused of hacking but I played against Silvers there are not so good at aiming so there was no problem really with/without cheats) If you're going auto snipers or heavy weapons you should turn down the field view a bit because otherwise It'll look really suspicious. The only people who where accusing me for cheating was the other team but I just told them I was a smurf and then it was all Okay! The normal configurations is very good configurated so you don't really have to change anything really by yourself if you just want to play legit. If I had to rate the cheat I'd give it a 9/10 because there is no UI but as I said before it's really good for those who are streaming.
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    Don't think that'll happen any time soon but I do like the game.
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    At rules you said I can only use one pc, can I use on laptop and desktop both??