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  2. Не могу сейчас принять участие в дискуссии - нет свободного времени. Буду свободен - обязательно напишу что я думаю. --- Какие отличные собеседники :) интересно посмотреть, интересный инстаграм или здесь велосипеды интересные источник тут источник тут продолжение
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  5. экспресс товары почтой

    This is an English forum. Please write in English.
  6. Жаль, что сейчас не могу высказаться - вынужден уйти. Освобожусь - обязательно выскажу своё мнение по этому вопросу. --- Замечательно, очень ценное сообщение васильева товары почтой, дешевые товары почтой и здесь товары пчеловодам почтой здесь на этом сайте тут по ссылке источник
  7. aimbot is broken

    i think its good again, maybe probs in MatchMaking or something... can you look at it xphantom? try all guns what we need in a match!
  8. aimbot is broken

    i think the aimbot need a update is for 50% broken
  9. Other payment method

    you can just add me on my discord ATU_Motake#6557 and we can do it manually
  10. Earlier
  11. Other payment method

    i found out i can pay thru btc, lol
  12. Other payment method

    Is there any other payment method? Like "BTC" Been literally days of searching for a trigger only hack.
  13. How often

    Updates are done mostly if the aimbot/triggerbot breaks from a cs go update. Aimbot is very legit on low FOV, spectators won't notice anything weird. I only sell legit hack so yes, you can safely purchase it.
  14. How often

    Hey, extremely interested. how often/quickly is updates done. How legit is the legit bot. Am i able to just get a Legit hack from you as not interested in anything else. Hit me up please.
  15. Honest review from LATAM

    update, finaly i buy the lifetime acces =)
  16. question

    yes, hope it is almost done
  17. Aimbot update

    Its always improving, its a "deep learning system". It will only improve overtime so its always good to stay one step ahead.
  18. Aimbot update

    Yeah vacnet might become annoying towards the future, some functions like this, just in case, probably wouldn't hurt
  19. Aimbot update

    Possible up date to the aimbot that could be useful to players that want the most safety would be a curving aimbot. VacNet now can detect when a aim lock happens when there is no curving or offset to the enemy player. (like a regular player would have some curves in their aim, it wont be a perfect straight line to the enemy head, body etc.) Even tho you can get sent to overwatch for VacNet detecting a straight lock it could look legit enough that it wouldn't cause you to get banned by the Overwatch reviewers But, it would be a nice feature to have and added peace of mind and protection. This video shows how a small offset would create a curve for the aim to appear more legit. Thanks - Proxy
  20. Honest review from LATAM

    Thanks for the lovely review. If your cheat expires let me know and I'll throw in a few weeks free for the new year!
  21. Honest review from LATAM

    I do not want to be very long in what I have to say ... since I do not speak much English. Post-purchase service 10 / 10.- Regarding the attention from Phantom, always excellent, helping in everything for the installation process and explaining in detail everything. Maintenance 10/10. Update of the hack, it is true that I paid for 1 month, and in this month there were two major updates that broke the hack.- However phantom patch immediately and everything went perfect THE HACK 10/10 The functioning of the hack, as it is configured is very good helps a lot and is undetectable, increases up to 50/60% your skills.- The tiggerbot for my taste should come with 0 delay, it is very good to "count pixels" with awp.- I write this with a bitter tone in my mouth, because probably once I finish my time with the hack it will be months until I can buy it again
  22. question

    I'd like that too good idea
  23. question

    nice gj, i send you a message check inbox
  24. question

    yes i'll it next update
  25. question

    hello, can you make an on and off button for in the game?
  26. xphantom settings

  27. xphantom settings

    So in other words, I have been 10x better with AWP by the placebo effect of thinking i was using aimbot for it lmfao. I feel like my next game I'm gonna be shit
  28. xphantom settings

    ohh i see, thnx for the tip
  29. xphantom settings

    triggerbot shoots whenever your crosshair hovers over an enemy... in the case of AWP i suggest you don't move when using triggerbot otherwise it will surely miss This means it's best if you use the triggerbot on the awp while waiting from someone to peak out from somewhere..
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