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  2. Aimbot Broken After Update

    I use mouse button trigger_keybind = 5 .. most mice have these back and forward buttons and they're easy to press and hold while playing For aimbot you just keep the default which is mouse 1 so everytime you shoot it activates
  3. Aimbot Broken After Update

    Oh yes, if possible, what key do you use for trigger as well aimbot for optimal pistol shooting?
  4. Last week
  5. Aimbot Broken After Update

    Thanks very much buddy
  6. Aimbot Broken After Update

    Aimbot fixed, redownload cheat. Not sure about the usp, it works as intended if you're using it on terrorist side I believe. I suggest you use triggerbot with pistols anyway, i'll let u know when there's a fix for that too.
  7. Aimbot Broken After Update

    Thanks for letting me know
  8. Aimbot Broken After Update

    Hello again! There was a recent update on CSGO (I believe we all got it), after that update, triggerbot works, but the aimbot does not... Also apart from the aimbot not working, I'd like to point out that when I set the USP-S to aim for someones skull, it pulls down to his tummy area every single time, a little light on this would be appreciated... Best Regards and hope to see a fix at the earliest
  9. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Just to close here, xPhantom helped me out and was really friendly and professional. [ My answer is kinda delayed]
  10. Banned by VAC....

    I've used this cheat in four diferent accounts and still never get banned by VAC. Perfect cheat.
  11. Earlier
  12. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    as you can see I got the message in my spam box .. for some reason your email account is marked as spammer so that's why I couldn't find your message
  13. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Hello, I attach a screenshot just to be precise, there is my HWID as well. Thank you.
  14. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Hello, I never got an email from you as per instructions, I was waiting for it! If not just message me your HWID in a PM so I can make you the license.
  15. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Would it be possible to have a follow up ? This is really irritating after having payed for a lifetime service and having 0 response in more than 24hours period.
  16. Bought in morning. Still no answer.

    Hello and Good afternoon to you , Hope and trust my thread finds you in good health. I bought the hack in the morning and still i have no answer. It is kind of frustrating, so would you be so kind to post a thread about how this purchase works before somebody buys ? Cause i really wanted to start using the product today.No offense what so ever but in your guide you just state that you reply within a few hours. I believe that you receive my feedback in a positive aspect and i still cant wait to use your marvelous product. Sincerely, rLx
  17. Security and humanizer

    Added you
  18. Security and humanizer

    yeah my disc is beastlyb#6978
  19. Security and humanizer

    Can I PM you phantom? I have a few questions (discord, Skype, etc...)
  20. Please Update cheat

    It does not happen anything are things that happen, while you are updating it when there are these inconveniences I will be happy, thanks for the support !!
  21. Cheat doesnt work 20181023

    Cheat updated guys . Redownload from forum button
  22. Please Update cheat

    Cheat updated. Sorry for being so unlucky paupath ... I'll award you some free days when your cheat expires. EDIT: Just redownload it from the forum and it will work.
  23. Please Update cheat

    I bought the trick before yesterday and I could barely use it between waiting for the license and now the update
  24. Please Update cheat

    xPhantom please update your cheat. Thanks. -TNN
  25. Cheat doesnt work 20181023

    Yeah same
  26. Cheat doesnt work 20181023

    same, i think Admin needs to update it 1st, and will upload a new download after
  27. Cheat doesnt work 20181023

    It does not work for me either
  28. Cheat doesnt work 20181023

    There's been a new patch and the cheat does not work. 20181023
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