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  2. Esea

    Jesus complete access to your PC? If that's true that's just insane. Facebook's wet dream come true
  3. help

    hey dude, u need download the hack from here pass danger , after that u need to follow the steps in the pdf file on the zip that u download. sry my english isnt good.-
  4. help

    Sorry my friend but I have a question I paid but did not know how to download the software can you help me
  5. xphantom settings

    Sorry my friend but I have a question I paid but did not know how to download the software can you help me
  6. xphantom settings

    Could someone guide me or pass me a settings for xphantom where the awp works with aimbot? I try to configure it and I can not find the setup for it to work.
  7. Esea

    Well I am currently in the last grade of high school, I am studying computer science, mostly c++ but not only. I do not know exactly the process behind esea client/ anticheat, but what I do know, and I think I can help you with, is that basically esea, besides vac, can detect cheats in multiple ways(vac does not include these that I am going to mention now, or at least vac is not developed advanced enough in that certain way to spot some cheats): 1) taking random screenshot of your screen so that admins can see if u use any visual hacks 2) fuking up the hole memory in order to search for very specific memory changes, patterns that they anticheat program is advanced enough to find cheats that on vac, that are usually hidden in a more "light way " manner, since vac does not require rocket science protection (not sure but I think this is a smth mm cheats are using : 3) when u use esea, you agree that u can get random test, that means they can actually access all the data from your pc whenever they want, and they are free to search everything in ur pc. The reason why esea cheats are so expensive, is that it is a lot of work in order to constantly change the cheats pattern and the way it uses memory, so that it can not be spotted by esea, also it must be without any visuals. My personal opinion about esea, is bad. I know that now im using this thing, but when i was ge and smgc on cs, i was not cheating. And when i was playing on esea i was not cheating, so i can assure you that my opinion on esea is objective. The reason i don't like esea, is that it makes ur pc run slower, you got no privacy and not only. sry i'm in a hurry sry far any mistakes and poor exprimation
  8. GUYS I FORGOT THE PASS LMAO was it ollydbg or how was it?

    Hi xPhantom, There was recently a csgo update. Does the cheat still work, or do you have to update it again? Thank you.
  10. Last week
  11. Esea

    Could you go intro more detail?
  12. I'm sorry for wait guys. The cheat is now updated. It works but not on the Danger Zone Battle royale, that will come later.
  13. Esea

    Because esea / faceit client runs and see what runs on my machine. You can check the client.
  14. Esea

    I'm wondering why this works on MM but not on faceit, esea or anything. Is there anyone that could explain me why this is? Feel free to go technical, I'm a programmer myself, just not in this kind of field
  15. Esea

    Nothing is visible on screen
  16. Esea

    I am going to try it just waiting for it to be updated , been keeping an eye on the forums . Now can this be used at lan ? And by that I mean if there was people behind me watching my screen does the cheat show up in game ? Or is it hidden? I don’t care if there’s an .exe file open or anything I can get around that
  17. Esea

    If you mean matchmaking on vac servers, yes it works but the cheat needs to be updated first. This cheat does not work with Faceit's client, but if you use Faceit without their AC it will work.
  18. Esea

    Edit : answered my own question
  19. Esea

    you will not find esea cheats for this price lol ... in fact I doubt you will find even with $1000 to spend
  20. Esea

    No, it does not.
  21. Esea

    does this work on esea?
  22. Still fine after Danger zone update?

    wait for me to update the cheat, i'll announce it EDIT: Cheat works but not in BR ... yet
  23. Earlier
  24. Still fine after Danger zone update?

    Is it still fine to use just checking after the dangerzone update?
  25. Long time member

    My testimonial is there but as a long term user just wanted to say the cheat is still excellent and the support is absolutely amazing.
  26. All I can say is strong.

    I love seeing that, thanks !
  27. All I can say is strong.

    Hello My English is very bad. That is why I have to talk about pictures for me.
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