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  2. -scaleform not working anymroe

    it does, video proof here AND BTW GUYS IN ABOUT 4 DAYS I'LL HAVE PANORAMA READY UPDATE WITH NEW GUN AND SOME TWEAKS, until then please use this method. IF CHEAT still won't work with legacyscale i'll give you a free week to those who bought 1 month and to those who have lifetime I'm sorry for the inconvenience. NEW EDIT: CHEAT STILL WORKS just tried it with -legacyscaleformui ... i see no reason why it wouldn't work for you
  3. -scaleform not working anymroe

    -legacyscaleformui does not work...
  4. -scaleform not working anymroe

    +1 following, I have the same problem, and like what they said ^^ when will it be updated to the new UI compatibility?
  5. -scaleform not working anymroe

    Yup, looks like they are enforcing the switch over now... EDIT: You are right, you can still use -legacyscaleformui I think the cheat is still working for me but I can't be sure as my aim is usually pretty good anyway. Valve has posted this though: "– Legacy Scaleform UI can be used for a very limited time with “-legacyscaleformui” launch option." Which suggests this is only going to be working for a small window of time. Is there an ETA when the cheat will be compatible with panorama?
  6. -scaleform not working anymroe

    After a reddit post was made, I was made aware of a new launch option that returns the old UI back to normal: "-legacyscaleformui"... Unfortunately, this new launch option doesn't allow the cheat to become functional again. will continue to update when i figure it out...
  7. -scaleform not working anymroe

    So i launch CS after a small 25mb update and see that Panorama was launched. OKay fine no big deal but when I go into the game launch options, the "-scaleform" is still in there. i take it off, launch the game again, close, and put the "-scaleform" in again and it still launches the Panoramic View. can I get a hot update to fix this issue? Thanks!
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  9. Lifetime build?

    The monthly is not unique to each user but i upload new builds regularly. Lifetime is 35 euros, I don't really use skype anymore or I rarely do. You should add me on discord at beastlyb#6978.
  10. Lifetime build?

    Hi there, I am just wondering how much a lifetime unique build would cost. If its too expensive ill stick to the monthly plan but I'd also like to know if the cheat bought in the monthly plan is unique to each user. I have also contacted you on skype my skype is live:stinto112 Thanks
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  12. Seems good

    its safe in the sense that you won't get banned, but some updates break the aimbot and I need to update the cheat before you can continue playing
  13. Seems good

    So, everything seems fine so far, I will make a review later, but I got a question. After an csgo update, is it safe to use the software?
  14. Need a piece of advice

    You have plenty of testimonials from people under testimonials section but sure if anyone wants to send him videos they are more than welcome too.
  15. Need a piece of advice

    Hello. I did not buy this cheat yet, but I am interested in it. I had experience with other cheats, like cvision( I do not want to advertise their cheat) and they got busted by VAC, and even now they say they are undetected... Fkin c*nts... What I need, is some honest reviews from the community, and if someone could send me a video of legit settings for this cheat, that would convince me to buy it. If you think you can send me a video with legit settings, pls send it to my email address, or if you know other way ok. Ps, email address:
  16. xPhantom review

    Glad to have you with us, I'm glad you're enjoying the cheat and thank you for your honest review. I'll be sure to fix some of the minor glitches it has in future updates.
  17. xPhantom review

    I am quite new to xPhantom and have been screwing around with it for a little more than a week now and I have to say it works marvelous. Was kinda skeptical at first since there are a lot of copy pasted private cheats out there for very cheap which is obviously too good to be true. But after searching around a bit and reading the testimonial here I decided to bite the bullet and try xPhantom out and quite the good decision it was! I'll make a list with things I noticed with this cheat: Easy customizability with the settings text (POV, smoothness. body parts etc) Just wait for the beep and your good to go, nothing more Very inconspicuous cheat, so far I had a single dude notice something was "odd" or simply fake to quote him, but it was casual so it doesn't really matter Aimbot sometimes does a little weird with multiple enemies from medium to long range but kinda emulates confusion that way I guess, triggerbot is advised in those cases Sometimes spray tracks a bit through the wall after an enemy walks behind it so you might wanna be a little careful with that (could be a on or off option for it maybe?) So far no VAC, but as long as you keep playing legit I don't think it will happen anytime soon as the cheat is personalized Overall very solid cheat, maybe sometimes like a customizable percentage of spray errors would be nice to be added like 10 to 20% would be nice so it looks even more legit. For legit play this cheat is the way to go IMO especially for the price, highly recommended!
  18. Loving xPhantom. Exactly as described. Question, though

    Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying the cheat. As for ESP that would take away from the legit aspect so if anything I'll be releasing that as a separate cheat/feature for those who want. I'll let you know when that's done ( free of cost ).
  19. As the title says, I'm loving the xphantom aimbot. Even with higher level players spectating me after they die, I haven't been called out once and I'm using the "semi legit" settings. I do have a question, is an ESP ever in the cards? I would love to combine this with a good ESP. If not - does anyone have any solid private ESP they can recommend?
  20. Lifetime Private Build

    Answered all your questions on skype, thanks for showing interest and also happy to have you onboard.
  21. Review after 3 days of use

    I'm thrown you a message on skype with suggestions Thanks for providing such cheat!
  22. Review after 3 days of use

    Glad to have you onboard, I'm very thankful for your postiive review and I'm glad ur enjoying the cheat so far, if u ever need any help or have any suggestions don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun owning!
  23. Review after 3 days of use

    Hello, future & already existing customers of xPhantom! This is my honest review of the CSGO cheat xPhantom. First of all, the legit bot is amazing - it takes some time to get it just right and to match your playstyle. However, when firstly configured just right - you become tremendously better; in such matter, that it does not seem unlegit. Rating & comment: Legit Aimbot: 9/10 The only thing I'm personally missing in this amazing cheat, is customizable RCS values. Spraying with the RCS does pull it down as supposed to, but it has no control over where the bullets go on the X-Axis, atleast not on my screen. But other than that, this cheat is by far the most legit cheat I've ever tried. Triggerbot: 10/10 Works flawlessly. Nothing to point out here. Security: 11/10 Since this cheat is not among the most popular ones on the market, it keeps the chance of bans at a fairly low ratio. Also, Mr. X is very into the security of his customers. He takes security to a brand new level to secure the users of xPhantom. ****KEEP IN MIND THAT BLATANTLY CHEATING CAN AND NEVER WILL BE MR. X'S FAULT. He cannot protect you against OW bans if you play blatantly.*** Keep up the good work, and perhaps implement custom RCS values in the future. Kind regards, LE70TLE
  24. just bought the cheat and email sent

    Hello, glad to have you on board sir. I sent you the license on email.
  25. Hi, I am just new here and want to try these cheat because for very massive positive review. I already emailed the HWID Thank you!
  26. Honest in-depth review

    Wow, I'm actually really impressed by this review, very in-depth. I really appreciate it. People who read this will know exactly what to expect now, I couldn't of explained it better myself. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I also need to fix those little things you mentioned to make it better in the coming updates. I also owe you a month of lan version cheat which I've completely forgotten due to well, it doesn't matter there are no excuses see you on skype soon, I'll try to finish it asap.
  27. Honest in-depth review

    This is my honest in-depth review of xPhantom after using it for about 2 months. This is one of the simplest and the most beautiful legit hack I have used for quite a long time. It's one of the most convenient cheat to use if you wish to stream or record as the hack does not come with any GUI nor any shady client tab (#Clara). Now that you have got a basic idea what this hack is about, let's dissect and see what this cheat has to offer. Aimbot: Smooth as baby's bottom. Out of many cheats I have used, the crosshair tends to flick or slightly jumps on to the target regardless of smooth settings. Those are just small things that can give away the fact that you are cheating. However, with xPhantom the aimbot is one of the smoothest I have seen. It feels like it's almost identical to the aim of pros, how they smoothly flick on to the enemy. The recoil control is integrated into the aimbot and the spray looks very legit. The recoil looks very humanized and it's almost impossible to tell if you are cheating even on 128 tick server. To see how legit it is, I used this cheat in front of my friends who are also hackers but I told them I wasn't going to cheat for few matches. They doubted me and vigorously spectated me and looked for any small mistakes that could potentially give away the fact that I am cheating. After few matches they really couldn't believe that I was playing soo without any sign of aimbot. This just shows how legit this hack is because even hackers themselves couldn't tell if they I was hacking or not. On the down side, M4A4 recoil control seems to lackluster because time to time when I spray with M4A4, it doesn't quite connect the shot or sometimes not all and the I can't over ride (control over) the recoil since it's fully automated unless u pull ur crosshair away with force. Unfortunately, the hack doesn't come with AWP aimbot (pls add :v) On the positive side, AK-47 has an impressive recoil control and a super smooth aimbot. Out of many hacks I have used, xPhantom AK-47 aimbot is the best by far without a question. AK-47 aimbot looks all too similar to pros aim and it really starts to make you think and doubt about the legitimacy of the pro scene. One thing that is really unique about xPhantom is that it has a very good spray transfer. Many legit cheats I have used can't spray control smoothly and would often flick fast or, most of the time, wouldn't spray transfer at all. However with xPhantom, it will smoothly transfer your spray on to the enemy that is relatively close to your first enemy. This can become very helpful in some situation where u need to spray down multiple players at once, such as when the enemies are rushing towards u and u to spray them down smoothly all at once. xPhantom has the smoothest aimbot I have ever seen and it makes other cheat look like they have Parkinson. Triggerbot: Obviously like any other hacks, you can set the time requirement for the enemy to pass your crosshair before it can shoot. This feature is mainly used for AWP and it is useful if u have a good crosshair placement and hold a good angle. However, if you are player who flicks a lot with the AWP, then I don't recommend you using this feature. Security: It's one of the finest private hack you will see in the market. With limited users + good coding, it should remain undetected for a long time. After talking with the owner, over the course of two months, I could tell that he takes the security of the cheat very seriously and he always aims to continuously improve the cheat regardless how safe it is. Miscellaneous: As mentioned above, this cheat does not come with any in-game GUI nor any client tab on the window page. This will be helpful if you accidentally tab out or toggle the GUI like dumb bitch Clara while in stream. All the modifications can be done on the setting file.
  28. Lifetime Private Build

    Hello I'm interested in buying the Lifetime Private Build but I have some questions that I want to ask before purchasing. The first thing I want to ask is on which systems will the build be undetected on? secondly will the build be specific to me only and what kind of features will it have? Another thing I wanted to ask is how oftet will my build be updated to make sure it stays undetected also how long will it take you to build it for me and what kind of prices are we looking at? I have also contacted you skype man I will be waiting for your reply Kind regards, Chris
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