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    • Appreciate the positive comments buddy. I've actually done the same thing had friends over to my house and played cs go with the cheat on without them realizing even though they knew I was a cheat provider.  It can be very stealthy if you use it with low power/fov settings. Hope to have you around indefinitely and good luck with your stream!
    • Hey guys, just looking to provide some clarity for anyone looking to purchase.  I started off buying the monthly membership and i found that the cheat is very discreet and effective. With just a tad customization and the right toggle button this cheat is extremely hard to detect. I've been using Xphantom for around 4 months most of which has been live-streamed. As long as you dont rage hack and make it obvious its a very effective tool. I've had to wipe my computer several times after purchasing lifetime ( Not because of Xphantom ) but everytime support is fast in sending me a new HWID license to get me up and going again. Hell ive even had friends over watching me play and they dont even realize im using an assist and they're literally watching me!! So yes, i highly recommend Xphantom. Support is good and the cheat is great! 
    • update, finaly i buy the lifetime acces =) 
    • Thanks for the lovely review. If your cheat expires let me know and I'll throw in a few weeks free for the new year!
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