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    • Thank you so much !!! Glad you enjoyed xphantom, your english is great btw. I used to play with power 6 for a few months because I'm a scrub and still didn't get overwatched or anything , have fun and I WILL update the cheat and it will become even better in time.
    • Hello, first time, i'm not english, so, sorry for my bad english. I tried a lot of hacks, and no doubt, xPhantom is the BEST, for legit hack: I'm global without hacks, my aim power is set to 1, so, the most legit, and even with low settings, this hack is powerful. I always finish my games with 35 / 40 kills, and I never get OW, I think the only way to get OW is to use the trigger too obviously, the aimbot is really strong and not obvious at all (depending of your settings ofc) The only negative point for the aimbot, is that sometime, it's aim down, exemple, on D2, in CT side, when I'm mid, if I spam right clic with the USP on a terrorist top mid, my crosshair goes down, it's the only negative point. The trigger, nothing to say, very effective. All is easy to use, xPhantom is very reactive and friendly, the price is very cheap for a hack like that.  I'm so confident that i'm using this hack on my main account, with 4k hours (with around 1000 hours with xPhantom) For me, this hack deserve 19/20     Thanks for your job xPhantom !
    • Hello, again.

      It's been a while since I've been around, but here I am once again.

      Been looking forward to smash & dash through the ranks

      Thanks again for the cheese!
    • Awesome review, I really appreciate it! I'll take your words into consideration and try to improve the cheat in the updates to come. I know it still needs work to get where it needs to be.
    • I have been using this cheat for a while now and I have to say its worth buying let me tell you why it has the 2 things you need Aimbot (legit unless you change the settings to rage then hello VAC) and TriggerBot no wallhacks and no menu so yay good FPS. Aimbot 10/10 This can be changed but you must do it before loading into the game if you need to change it please read the guide on purchase and read it so that you dont get VACed. TriggerBot 8/10 Not to be mean it needs improvement it will shoot when when someone walks in front of it but it will not always hit its a 50/50 everytime. Ingame FPS 10/10 Thanks to this not having a ingame menu you FPS will not be effected which is nice for me because my crap PC. Overall 10/10 Yes it needs improvement but you can get lifetime hacks for the best ever price and extra security so you know the owner cares. Hope you join us our community is small so no need to worrie about valve coming after us.   
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