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xPhantom Premium - Cs Go Undetected Private Hack

xPhantom.com is the best place to get affordable CsGo Private Cheats. Our main focus is providing you with safe and legit csgo hacks so that you can easily rank up or impress your friends without having to worry about getting caught.


Should I worry about getting caught when using xPhantom?

Our csgo private cheats have a total of 0 detections since September 2017 when we released the cheat.

We currently cover the following anti-cheats:
VAC, Matchmaking (Competitive)and SMAC.

Our main focus is providing the best security possible so you can enjoy cheating long-term while appearing like a legit player.

Can I livestream (twitch) or upload to youtube while using xPhantom?

Yes, our csgo private cheats can be customized to behave in a very humanlike way making the impression that it is you who is aiming like a pro. As a test we livestreamed to 700+ people while using xPhantom's Aimbot and Triggerbot and no one noticed we we're using any kind of hacks.

Why should I buy xPhantom as opposed to other CsGo cheats?

Our CsGo Hacks have always remained undetected and because of our focus on making them look legit (no visuals only a soft aim assist) they remained undetected by Overwatch as well.

If you are looking for a private cs go legit hack at a very affordable price then I promise you xPhantom is your best choice.

Our CsGo Aimbot and TriggerBot are of excellent quality.
xPhantom is more like a humanized aim assist giving you significant advantage over your opponents while still appearing like a legit player.

We also provide extensive support, we want to make sure you get the best out of our csgo private cheats and hacks, we help you customize them so that they fit your own personal playstyle.

xPhantom is also very easy to use, it runs externally in the background, you won't even see it's there, you will appear completely clean. It will never crash and it will not lower your FPS.

Instructions: You start it, you press OK and then you Play.


When using our csgo private cheat the most important thing is safety. This is why we make new builds and update the cheat on a regular basis.

Fast Updates

When Cs Go performs an update, we are in a rush to update our cheat as well. We want to make sure our clients can use it without delay.

Clean Coded

Coded from scratch in C++ and ASM for speed and performance, you can't get better quality than this.

Customer Service

If you have any questions feel free to use our forum. We will do our best to help and answer everyone.

xPhantom's FEATURES


Hotkey - Choose button.
Recoil Control System (RCS) - Spray your enemy with ease.
Field of View (FOV) - Distance based aiming.
Smooth Aim - Realistic Aim.
Bone Style Aim - Choose body parts to shoot at.
Customizable Randomization


Hotkey - Choose button.
Shoot at any Hitbox/Bones
Delay Before Shooting
TriggerBurst (Bullet Amount)

+Customizable Config

Customize both the csgo aimbot and triggerbot in a way that suits you best.
You can customize the aimbot for every single weapon in the game and make it unique to you.

Payment Plan



  • 1 Month Access to our Private CsGo Cheat
  • No Visuals just Legit Aimbot + TriggerBot
  • Undetected since September 2017 when released.
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  • Lifetime Access to our Private CsGo Cheat
  • Full features
  • No Visuals just Legit Aimbot + TriggerBot
  • Undetected since September 2017 when released.
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